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I ♥ the fourth of July holiday! I love the extra day off from work, the gooood food, and the family time!! I plan to make a yummy dessert for the backyard party we have been invited to and can't decide between these:

Fuit Kabobs: alternate between strawberries, bananas, and blueberries (feel free to use raspberries instead of strawberries) SOURCE

chocolate dipped pretzels: melt semi sweet chocolate chips with a bit of oil in the microwave. Stir every 30 seconds until it is liquid. Use a spatula to cover end of pretzel stick, then sprinkle to your hearts desire :o) SOURCE

So....is it obvious that I am not the cooking kind?? I love it when it looks great and is super easy! That is also why I LOVE a FREE printable!!

Check out these awesome red, white and blue paper goodies and send me pics of how you use them this weekend!! I would love to feature you :o)

[one] fill a snack size ziploc bag with three bags of snaps.

[two] trim a black sheet of cardstock to 4.5" x 7", then fold in half so that it measures 2.25" x 7".

[three] staple that onto the top of your filled ziploc bag.

[four] cut out your 2" x 6" topper and attach to the front of your black cardstock
Download By right clicking image above
Simply cut out the food tent cards and write your food name in the star with white or silver pen, and fold in half. Download HERE
ut them into strips, and then use a 2″ circle hole punch to cut them out, and attach them to white lollipop sticks with hot glue or tape!

Download HERE

I hope you all have a safe and festive 4th and that these printables make you the talk of the backyard BBQ! Take pics of what you make with these and send them to pedicurestopuddles@yahoo.com!

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My little Sandbox

** Reminder: Zoodles Giveaway ends Friday, July 2nd at midnight**

Most boys I know love their sandbox! The only problems are when the weather is bad out or keeping spiders from getting in, etc. A company called Be Good Company has a line of My little Sandbox play sets that fix all that!! I love that they are small in size and offer a diverse line of scenes. Check these out:
Space Patrol includes 10"X10"X2" wooden sandbox, 10"X20" no mess play mat, ultra fine sand, 2 astronauts, crater, moon rover, digging shovel, grooming rake, bucket, 2 asteroids, and moon rocks!

Circus Time includes: 10"X10"X2" sandbox, 20"X20" no mess play mat, ultra fine sand, elephant, white tiger, swinging monkey, tight rope cat, clown, ringmaster, ball, elephant stand, circus stage with ring, rake, shovel, and sand pail!

Big Builder includes: 10"X10"X2" wooden sandbox, 10"X20" no mess play mat, ultra fine sand, 2 die cast construction vehicles, mini boulders, bag of gravel, sefety cones, digging shovel, construction cres and builder blocks!

They also carry a very fun Executive Sandbox line for that 'Boy Dad' you know and love!

The Tee Time includes 5.25"X5.25" sandbox, ultra fine sand, putter, 1 flag, putting green, 1 mini golf ball, 1 grooming rake, and 1 bunker stone!

Beach Break includes 5.25"X5.25" sandbox, ultra fine sand, 1 beach chair, 1 digging shovel, 1 sand pail, 1 grooming rake, 1 sun umbrella and seas shells!

This post is not sponsored and 100% my opinion!
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Time to Party Tuesday: Construction Party

** Reminder: Zoodles Giveaway ends Friday, July 2nd at Midnight!**

Jessica of Juicy Bits is a fellow boy mom of a cute little buddy who loves Bob the Builder. With the often difficult task of taking a commercial character (that your little on is obsessed with) and making it a great party, Jessica did a fabulous job! Check out the details HERE:

Entry to party

Perfect party table using solid color party supplies, a fabulous fabric made table runner, nuts & bolts, and dump trucks filled with snacks!

Kid's table area

Super fun sand digging boxes

A VERY popular visitor came with his back hoe

Cool Favors!

Do you have a boy party to share with us? We would love to see it!! Please email it to pedicurestopuddles@yahoo.com.

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Does your buddy love to work on the computer, but you don't feel comfortable just letting him have at it? That is how I have felt about my buddy and the computer. He is totally intrigued with it, but he is only 22 months old and I don't want to start bad habits of too much nonsense computer use and then there is the whole unsafe internet problem!!

BUT If I knew that he could be using a browser that not only blocks him from the big bad internet, but is also educational, fun, AND creates a report so I can see what he has been working on (how cool is THAT!) then I say...sign me up!

That is precisely what Zoodles has done. They have scoured the internet (so I don't have to) in order to bring us a FREE browser, especially for kids, that makes it simple for them to find lots of fun activities – all by themselves!

Here is how it works: You child (for ages 2-8) can launch the program from the icon on your desktop. Your Buddy will then enter a full-screen mode of Zoodles that will keep them from exiting out and finding inappropriate content or accidentally deleting your important files (all totally ad free). Zoodles is even smart enough to adapt to the age and ability of each child so they don’t get frustrated? The Buddy doesn't need to know how to read or type to get around. In fact, their kid-friendly interface has stripped out confusing Back buttons and URL bars so the browsing experience is as easy and appealing for kids as possible.

It took only a matter of minutes to download the browser and The buddy and I were off and running! I was surprised that it kept his interest for almost 20 minutes. His "playground" offered over 12 different features to play with. When he gets a little older I wouldn't have any problems leaving him to play on his own. My FAVORITE part was going to the Parental Dashboard and getting a report on what he was working on!! I can even choose what subject I want to be most represented in his playground.

Some other highlights worth mentioning:
Ad blocking/Violence Filtering Browser
Zoodles Play Timer
Parent Play along Mode

Soooo Who is ready for a FREE 3 Month PREMIUM Membership?? Zoodles is kind enough to offer this S.W.A.G to one of P to P's lucky readers! Here is how you can win!

#1 Become a follower of Pedicures to Puddles - 1 entry
 (comment below in order to activate your entry)

#2 Become a facebook fan of BOTH Pedicures to Puddles and Zoodles - 2 entries
(comment below in order to activate this option)

#3 Tweet/Facebook about the giveaway - 3 entries
(comment below with link to your tweet/post)

#4 Download the Zoodles browser - 4 entries
(coment below in order to activate this entry)

If you fully participate you could have 10 chances to win this goodie!

Notes: Giveway will end on Friday, July 2nd at Midnight (central time). Winner will be selected with random.org and will be announced Saturday morning. They will have until Monday morning at 10am to claim their goodie. If winner does not come forward in time, a new winner will be selected.

Thanks for participating and Good Luck!!
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This is Frecklebox' awesome new educational product that is perfect for teaching your buddy the critical sight words that he will see most in Kindergarten. The personalized activity pad includes 20 words. Each word is featured on an oversized activity page AND a flash card.

What I like most about these are that they come from Frecklebox (I'm a fan), they are personalized, and you can preview everything you create before you buy! This company is worth checking out for great personalized gifts and party favors.

Check out THIS video for a mom's take on the product

PLUS: Use coupon code SUMMERFUN for 15% off until 6/30!!

This post is not sponsored and 100% my opinion
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You know you're a 'Boy Mom' when...

...you hear the toilet flush, followed by "Uh-Oh"...then know it is too late!

PS. HERE are detailed instructions on how to unclog a toy from your toilet. I figure we could all keep this information handy :o)

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3D is all the rage right now. It is everywhere from movies, toys and now even home televisions! (which is actually on my hubby's christmas list already...ha) Some of the items, however, seem to actually work better than others. This is my new favorite!

Crayola's 3D Sidewalk Chalk!! Have you seen this yet? I came across it while in line to pay at Michael's. They had a sample drawn up on a small chalk board and a pair of the glasses set out. I was amazed! It was really cool to see the pictures leap off the board like that. I mean, I fully understand that is what 3D does, but wouldn't it be fun to turn your the buddy's art into 3D!?

It is washable and would be a great addition to your outdoor parties this summer :o)

This post is not sponsored and 100% my opinion
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Time to Party Tuesday: The 'ole Ballgame

I like the simplicity of the baseball theme for a boy's birthday party, but love the way this one was done. M.O.T.B has several posts from last week covering her son's 3rd bday party, so go check it out for all the details!

Homemade cake! How impressive is that!?

Pin the ball on the bat game. There was a field created in the backyard with an activity at each base.

Perfect idea of having all the guests sign a ball for the bday boy!

Party Favors

PLUS here are some FREE Printables so you can plan your own Baseball Party!

Party Circles HERE
Birthday Banner HERE

Do you have a boy party to share with us? We would love to see it!! Please email it to pedicurestopuddles@yahoo.com.

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Doing the Mash

Organic Mashups are a mish mash of pure fruit fun!

These are a huge hit in our house! I love them because #1 they taste awesome, #2 they are resealable!!, and #3 they are good for you. The Buddy's older cousins love them too. I bet they would be great for a snack when you're out and about for the day. You could freeze them ahead of time so they are nice and cold when you're ready to have one. Be careful though, they are so popular and get sucked down so fast we have to hide them or they disappear quickly!!

Toys R Us  is having a special on these: Buy 3 and get the 4th FREE!

This post is not sponsored and 100% my opinion

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Happy Daddy Day!

We are having a great day celebrating our Dad's and I hope that you are too! I would love to see pics of what you gave your hubbys out there. Here is what The Buddy gave Mr. Nelson:

Our favorite Photographer, Travis of Fragile Works Gallery, took these secret pictures while Mr. Nelson was working late one night last week. We bought wooden letters and headed to the park. The Buddy added his touch to the mat around the first picture. Mr. Nelson loved it! I love that you could do this with any name and it was so inexpensive!!

SO...What did your hubby receive??

Fragile Works Gallery Facebook and Website

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FREE Daddy Day Printables!!

I love Printables (someone else's awesome graphic work that you can print)! Especially when it is FREE!! Father's Day is THIS Sunday, June 20th. No matter what you have decided to get for your hubby or dad, maybe you too can incorporate one of these! (click link below picture to download)

Free Printable: Rosette

Free Printable: Gift Tags

Free Printable: Bottle Neck Tie

These great printables were found at Executive Homemaker and Paper Crave! Executive Homemaker  believes in sharing great printables and so do I! You could do so many things with these! So....what did you get your hubby or dad this Father's Day??

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You know you're a 'Boy Mom' when...

...the most popular spectator event at your house is daddy mowing the lawn...

I Hope he is still this excited about it when he is 14 and it's his turn..hehe...

Do you have a "You know you're a 'Boy Mom' when..." to share? We would love to hear it because I am sure we can ALL relate! Please send to pedicurestopuddles@yahoo.com.

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