"It's a bird! It's a plane!..."

No! It's Mrs. Nelson's Super Learners!
I have been spending the last week or so working in my classroom and looking foward to meeting my new firsties! I decided on a Superhero theme and have run wild with it. (at least my husband thinks so) I really like the idea of encouraging them to see that our good manners and kind words are our super powers.


Here is my attempt at making my board 3D. I added a wire with a bird and a paper airplane. Designs were created by Paper and Pigtails.
The soon to be student led word wall

This area will eventually be our comfy classroom library where they can cozy up and read a book.

The calendar/math wall 

My favorite wall! This is our word chunk wall. The Super Vowels as I call them are superheroes with a vowel on their chest. We will add our word chunks under the vowel they begin with. This wall was a big help last year when they were writing. Here is last year's Word chunk wall:

Being a "boy mom" makes me wonder if the superhero theme is too boyish for my girly first graders. I plan to add a superhero girl to the library wall, but will that do the trick? What do you think? I tried hard to use the likeness of kids and cartoon superheroes rather than commercial superheroes (batman, superman, etc)

My gut tells me it is fine, but I am trying to look at it from a parent's standpoint. I would love your thoughts.  

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If you are a Pedicures to Puddles reader then you know that this is a place for women that have boys in their lives to laugh, relate and share what it is like to be a "boy mom". If this is your first time stopping by, Welcome! I am Tiffany, a First Grade teacher by day and a superhero fighting, lego building, light saber swinging momma by night. Cohen or "The Buddy" as I call him, is soon to be 3 years old and is where I get all of my material for this blog. Especially in the "You know you're a boy mom when" posts. The Buddy's current favorite bedtime story ( one of at least 3 a night) is I Love You Stinky Face. He now recites it with us and it is really cute :o)

 I like to share fun shopping finds that pertain to boys as well as fun boy birthday party themes. If you like something you see, please feel free to rate it at the bottom of the post or comment about it. I LOVE comments! If there is something you feel is missing, let me know and I will seek it out. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your stay! I do hope you will come back soon :o)

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