Mad for MADPAX

Is your buddy a step ahead of the norm? If he is the guy that knows his own style and can handle the "packarazzi" that will come with this kinds of back pack, then MAD PAX is for you!

 I love these bags because it breaks the assembly line of boring back packs for boys out there. Anyone else tired of character bags or sports themed bags for boys...hand raised here! Toddler size coming soon!

This post is not sponsored and 100% my opinion!
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Jumpin' for the Gyro!

Brilliant, I must say! This product is one of those, "Yeah, that's what I need!". It is a snack bowl that will not spill! It is equiped with 360 technology that keeps the bowl upright no matter how you twist it and turn it.

I literally could have used this product today. The Buddy is all about doing things himself right now and in the process of putting his snack on the counter, he dumped them everywhere. Our dog quickly came to his rescue; which just further enraged The Buddy. The Gyro Bowl could avoid this whole scene! The Gyro Bowl can be found here:

This post is not sponsored and 100% my opinion

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