Give the Gift of Words

I am in love with all children's books right now and am always looking for great books for The Buddy.  Here are a few of my favorites right now.

First is The Tickle Monster Kit by Suzanne Kaufman. The kit comes with a hardback book, a pair of tickle mits and a cool box to carry it all. The tickle mits are complete with finger holes so you can easily turn the pages. Beware of lots of giggles! The Buddy will love this story and wearing the mits himself. This is at the top of our book list this Christmas!

The Newest Kit from Suzanne Kaufman is I love Monkey Discovery Kit. A Mom's Choice Award recepient; the I love Monkey kit is also on our list this year.


As mentioned in THIS post, The Elf on the Shelf is now a tradition in most homes. I am eager to begin this tradition when The Budy is old enough to get it. If you haven't seen it, check out the website here.
Lastly, The Buddy LOVES his Sounds of the Wild book by Maurice Pledger. It is a unique pop up that has survived his many uses. Our favorite part is the realistic sounds on every page. We plan to get several more this Holiday season. I am also adding this to my gift list for The Buddy's friends.


I would love to know what books you are buying for your Buddy. I literally buy books every weekend for my classroom and The Buddy. I am always up for a new good book!

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On your mark...Get set...Start taping!

I am often poking around on the internet and find some fun things! Decorative tape is really "in" right now and this tape is perfect for The Buddy. The Autobahn Tape kit lets you create roads wherever you would like! How fun is that!!

The possibilities are endless and although pricey, it looks like a lot of fun! Is this a product that your son would enjoy??
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Stationary sounds like such a girly kind of thing, but there is nothing girly about good manners! I am a firm believer in the hand written thank you and hope to instill the same habit in The Buddy. Any little dude would enjoy sending a hand written note on Mudpuppy Stationary!

This stationary boasts high quality paper and kid friendly design. Makes a great kid gift too!

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Although I am so busy with my new teaching position (and have neglected my favorite past time lately) I still LOVE the Fall! All the decorating possibilities make me giddy and creative Halloween costumes make me swoon :o). I have actually won many a costume contest. A few of my favorite wins were these:

Cheerleader Barbie...still in the box

Thing 1 and Thing 2 with Cat in the hat (I am thing 1)

And Ugly Betty last year (this one still makes me laugh)

So as you can see, I am not a fan of store bought costumes. The Buddy was recently invited to a kids only costume party which is giving me anxiety to pick a cool costume for him.

Here are some fun ones from Etsy that I have stumbled on

It reminds me of the Travelocity gnome :o)

What are your little buddies dressing up as? I would love to hear from you!

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If the "big boy" in your house is anything like my hubby, then he has a loving relationship with his flatscreen. (He actually talked me into camping out allllll night on Black Friday for the dang thing!) Any time The Buddy gets too close to his prize possession he is quick to move him.

After stumbling across this invention I had that , "why didn't I think of that" feeling! Check it out and I bet you do too.

safeTVision is a 100% TV Screen Protector that shields your LCD TV or Plasma TV from flying objects, dust and finger prints. To answer your hubby...the TV screen cover does not distort the HD picture at all!!

The screen cover design is invisible and lightweight. Easy to install with no tools or straps needed. It is as simple to remove as it is to install.

Maybe THIS will be on my black Friday list this year :o) $49-$129

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For Your Petite Picasso

I love personalized stuff and this retro style drawing pad is something I am really "drawn" to right now! If your petite picasso needs some work on his name, this product offers a perfect place to practice. Now he can sign his artwork for grandma! How fun is that!?

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Zubbles of Fun

What could make bubbles more fun!? How about colored bubbles?? The Buddy would love these! The best part is that they are non toxic, stain free and brightly colored. When the dye is exposed to air, water or pressure it disappears giving you hours of fun and hardly any mess!

Zubbles comes in Blazing Blue or Presto Pink! What a fabulous party favor...

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"You know you're a 'Boy Mom' when... order to cut his finger nails, you have to cut Woody's first.

If you have a "You know you're a boy mom when" to share, please feel free to pass it along at The great thing about these are that we can all relate, so send them our way :o)

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I hate to do this too you so soon after my break a couple of weeks ago; however I have a new job as of Friday evening as a First Grade Teacher for Frisco ISD! I have been feverishly working to make a blank classroom come alive while counting down to Meet the Teacher night this Friday! YIKES!

I am not sure how long it will be until I can update you with some fun finds, but I am hoping it is sooner rather than later. As always, please feel free to pass on your fun finds, boy stories and parties!!

Thank you for your patience!

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With the beginning of the school year, brings the beginning of sports seasons!

Created by a former college athlete, Cleatskins are an accessory designed to slip over cleated footwear! Seems brilliant to me :o) They are made of Compression Molded Rubber and designed for families involved in soccer, baseball, football, wrestling, rugby, softball, field hockey, golf, and any other sport where protecting your shoes off the field is necessary.

At $19.95 to $24.95, I am considering cleatskin kids as a gift for a little cousin that has EVERY other soccer accessory known to man....BUT Cleatskins! And get this...they are machine washable! In fact, The Hubby needs a pair too.

LIKE Cleatskins on Facebook and receive coupon codes from time to time!
CODE: back2school
for 20% off your entire order!

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Time to Party Thursday: a Chutes and Ladders 2nd Birthday!

I am so excited to share with you The Buddy's birthday party! He is turning 2 and loves nothing more than climbing on everything and sliding on his slides. This had me searching for a party theme that would fit his current personality. Chutes and Ladders is near and dear to my heart as a favorite game growing up and a fabulous theme to portray our little guy! Plus, I haven't seen it done before and I love a challenge :o)

We started with the Invites/logo. I contacted Pen & Paper Flowers to create something for us. She was seriously great to work with and worked hard to capture exactly what I wanted. I would recommend her a thousand times! My favorite part is the working spinner :o)

We then stumbled upon this perfect party location: Celebration Park in Allen, TX
Although I will never plan an August party outside in Texas again, this location was a lot of fun!

Here are the party details:

Cake made by Cakes by Auntie M
Beyond what we were expecting!

It is a family tradition to have cutouts at our parties!
These are to mimick the mover pieces
of a Chutes and Ladders game.

Boxed Lunches were super easy and the kids loved them!

Favors: Chutes and Ladders game per family and personalized bubbles. We also started a tradition last year to choose a book with the party theme for everyone to sign for Cohen's library. It is great to look back at what friends and family wrote.

Snack Buffet

We had a lot of fun!

I couldn't have pulled it off without the help of all our family and friends!! Especially this guy:

And we would do it allllll over again. Especially to see this face:

If you have a party, baby shower, or fun find please pass it on to

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I try to be aware of ways our family can be more "green" and think ReUsies has a great product to get us in the right direction! ReUsies are reusable snack and sandwich bags that look cool too. There are several designs to choose from and when you buy 4 or More and use code: 4ORMORE you receive FREE shipping!

Sandwich size

Snack size

I think these bags could be useful for lots of things. They run between $6 and $9 each. One Reusie has the potential to eliminate hundreds of plastic bags. ReUsies™ are 100% cotton lined with leak-resistant nylon and are secured with Velcro® closures.

Sounds like a great addition to your Back to School shopping!

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**Note : Time to Party Tuesday will be moved to Thursday this week :o)

Although The Buddy is only promoting to the 2 year old room at school, a shiny new back pack is still in order! New school supplies make me giddy! There is nothing like a brand new pad of paper and a really good inky pen!! Back to packs though...I have my eyes on a  few cool ones. Check em out!

** This preschool designed bag opens across the top rather than on the side for easier opening.

 ** You can choose back pack color and every little detail about your little one!

** Comes with removable insulated lunch bag

** boasts reflective tape accents and made of PVC

AND for more fun, HERE is an awesome FREE printable to add to your cool new back pack!

Happy Shopping and if you're in Texas, TAX FREE weekend is August 20-22 :o)

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