"It's a bird! It's a plane!..."

No! It's Mrs. Nelson's Super Learners!
I have been spending the last week or so working in my classroom and looking foward to meeting my new firsties! I decided on a Superhero theme and have run wild with it. (at least my husband thinks so) I really like the idea of encouraging them to see that our good manners and kind words are our super powers.


Here is my attempt at making my board 3D. I added a wire with a bird and a paper airplane. Designs were created by Paper and Pigtails.
The soon to be student led word wall

This area will eventually be our comfy classroom library where they can cozy up and read a book.

The calendar/math wall 

My favorite wall! This is our word chunk wall. The Super Vowels as I call them are superheroes with a vowel on their chest. We will add our word chunks under the vowel they begin with. This wall was a big help last year when they were writing. Here is last year's Word chunk wall:

Being a "boy mom" makes me wonder if the superhero theme is too boyish for my girly first graders. I plan to add a superhero girl to the library wall, but will that do the trick? What do you think? I tried hard to use the likeness of kids and cartoon superheroes rather than commercial superheroes (batman, superman, etc)

My gut tells me it is fine, but I am trying to look at it from a parent's standpoint. I would love your thoughts.  

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I love a good Blog Party!

If you are a Pedicures to Puddles reader then you know that this is a place for women that have boys in their lives to laugh, relate and share what it is like to be a "boy mom". If this is your first time stopping by, Welcome! I am Tiffany, a First Grade teacher by day and a superhero fighting, lego building, light saber swinging momma by night. Cohen or "The Buddy" as I call him, is soon to be 3 years old and is where I get all of my material for this blog. Especially in the "You know you're a boy mom when" posts. The Buddy's current favorite bedtime story ( one of at least 3 a night) is I Love You Stinky Face. He now recites it with us and it is really cute :o)

 I like to share fun shopping finds that pertain to boys as well as fun boy birthday party themes. If you like something you see, please feel free to rate it at the bottom of the post or comment about it. I LOVE comments! If there is something you feel is missing, let me know and I will seek it out. Thanks for stopping by and enjoy your stay! I do hope you will come back soon :o)

I am linking up to M.O.B. Society. Click link to see allllll the boy moms out there!

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You won't want to lego these ideas! hehe

I remember loving lego's just as much as The Buddy does. I figure we aren't the only house stepping on legos in the middle of the night (ouch!) :o) Check out these fun finds for your buddy's obsession.

DIY Gummi Legos and Ice Tray

Lego Storage (I haven't confirmed whether they ship to the US, but still wanted you to see it)

DIY lego necklace

DIY Lego belt

Rolling cookie cutter

And to wrap it all up, no better way than with these EASY gift bags:
You just need a gift bag,  paper in coordinating colors, and 1 1/2" circle punch
This post is not sponsored and 100% my opinion

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Mad for MADPAX

Is your buddy a step ahead of the norm? If he is the guy that knows his own style and can handle the "packarazzi" that will come with this kinds of back pack, then MAD PAX is for you!

 I love these bags because it breaks the assembly line of boring back packs for boys out there. Anyone else tired of character bags or sports themed bags for boys...hand raised here! Toddler size coming soon!

This post is not sponsored and 100% my opinion!
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Jumpin' for the Gyro!

Brilliant, I must say! This product is one of those, "Yeah, that's what I need!". It is a snack bowl that will not spill! It is equiped with 360 technology that keeps the bowl upright no matter how you twist it and turn it.

I literally could have used this product today. The Buddy is all about doing things himself right now and in the process of putting his snack on the counter, he dumped them everywhere. Our dog quickly came to his rescue; which just further enraged The Buddy. The Gyro Bowl could avoid this whole scene! The Gyro Bowl can be found here: https://www.buygyrobowl.com/flare/next?rtag=gyrobowl&

This post is not sponsored and 100% my opinion

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My tot clock

I feel blessed to have a son that sleeps late on weekends and totally rocks his naps, but I have friends that struggle with these traits. The worst part of toddlers not sleeping well is the fact that they can't tell time. If only they knew it was 5AM, right!?Well, Pamela Gonzalez created this product out of her own sleep deprivation. Her oldest at 2 years old was moved to a big boy bed and suddently had trouble sleeping.

She has thought of everything with this product! My Tot Clock is an all-in-one sleep aid, alarm clock, nightlight, and timer for children ages 2+. It teaches little ones when to sleep (blue light) and when it's okay to get out of bed (yellow light). It also plays bedtime stories, lullabies, fun wake music, and even white noise (like ocean sounds)! As an added bonus, My Tot Clock has a light blue light for nap time, a red light for timeout, and a green light for any positive timed activity. Perfect for those young enough to start learning a daily routine, but not old enough to be able to tell time. Also great for their sleepy parents! The best part is it is guaranteed better sleep or your money back!

A good friend of mine was actually a part of this product study and is even quoted on the front of the website. She is so pleased with this product and what it did for her to boys. I know you will feel the same! Go check it out here: My Tot Clock

This post is not sponsored and 100% my opinion. 

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Party Inspiration

My favorite past time is shopping. Whether it is online or in the store, I can find something to buy most anywhwere I am. My favorite hobby is party planning, so the two often come together.

 I came across some cool finds that would be great for a rockstar party that any little dude would love. Hope this provides a bit of inspiration for you!

You design it or ask for it and they create it! These are personalized temporary tattoos! I am not particularly a fan of these everyday on The Buddy, but as a party favor it totally works! Plus you can get 6 for $10 which is a fabulous price for a party favor nobody else on the block will have!

Need an activity for your rock star party that you now MUST host because you have cool favors? How about an air guitar contest with inflatable guitars!? These are only 1.99 each.
Source: Party Cheap

I guess we should back up. A party isn't a soiree until you have THE perfect invitation. There is nothing like making  your guest feel like a VIP! These personalized backstage pass invites are great. Purchase lanyards with clear pockets from any old office supply store and your guests are ready to go!
Source: Ebay

This party isn't complete without some goodies. These cookie cutters can be found at The Celebration Shoppe.

Someone please plan this party! I would love to feature it. :o)

This post is not sponsored and 100% my opinion.

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Work Zone Ahead

As you can see from THESE parties, my friend and fellow boy mom, Sarah,  is a fabulous party planner. She is a girl after my own heart that knows "Love is in the details". She always thinks of everything which creates the best parties! I enjoy talking parties with her and am excited to show you her son, Caden's 2nd birthday.

Enjoy the inspiration!

Perfect birthday banner in the party colors.

 Entry area: She had guests sign a book for the birthday boy's library. I do the same and love the results. You will to for years to come.

Happy Birthday Boy and Dad

Simple yet perfect cake

I love the use of coordinating fabric as table runners. The already owned dump truck and flowers is a perfect (not girly) floral centerpiece.

The Buddy SO enjoyed receiving his Thank you gift.

The happy family!

My favorite picture of the Birthday boy :o)

Super simple yet looks great paper cones

Oriental trading cups filled with scrapbook paper, construction hats, and Bob the Builder coloring books. Guests went away with lots of goodies! (LOVE the nuts and bolts fabric runner!)

Age appropriate activity...digging in the dirt

By far my favorite party detail! The adorable construction hats on brownies served on contruction plans!

Super simple containers found at your local feed/supply store with vinyl lettering goes a looooong way. To perfect!

I always enjoy Sarah's creations and knew you would to. What do ya think? Any details you will tak away?


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