Time to Party Tuesday: A Pirate's Life

Welcome, Chic Click Carnival visitors!

Today's Party feature is the perfect example of a fabulous party. Created by fellow boy mom, Stephanie, it has all the good stuff! A fun theme....check, great activities...check, a beautiful set up...check and inspiration out the wazoo...check, check!!

This one makes me excited to be a 'Boy Mom' and confirms my thinking that boy's parties really are more fun than girls :o)

Who wouldn't want to receive this invite!?

Homemade pirate sail used throughout the party

Like here and here

Activities included this awesome treasure map that marked each activity with a red X

The Final X led to this guy:
Click HERE to see what was in his treasure chest!

I am loving these cakes!!:

This just goes to show with a little effort snack food can look great on a table

Perfect favors!

So if you are thinking of hosting a pirate party, this is a great one for inspiration.

If you have hosted or attended a great boy party or shower, please send it to www.pedicurestopuddles@yahoo.com

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April said...

This is awesome! I hope I ahve a boy or a girl who likes pirates so I can have a pirate party. Stopping by from SITS!

Marissa said...

SUPER cute! I'm going to show my three year old those pics and maybe he'll want a Pirate 4th birthday?! It would be SO fun to plan! I went to a girly pirate party once and the favors were pirate hats filled with "booty"...AKA: candy

Stephanie Lynn @Under the Table and Dreaming said...

Thanks so much for posting the pirate party! I greatly apprecite it and I'm flattered to be a part of your site! Hope you are having a wonderful week! Thanks again! Stephanie Lynn


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