Baby Week: Mom Invented, Mom approved!

These two products are invented by moms who see a need and fill it for the rest of us. Aren't we glad they do!?

First up is the Dropper Stopper!

Any product that makes things hands free is fabulous if you ask me! My dropper stopper is a stylish way to be hands free and The Buddy loves it too. It keeps his sippy within reach so he can grab it whenever he wants. ( and off the ground when he throws it ) My favorite feature is the generous amount of snap buttons running the length of the stopper. It makes it so I can attach it to almost anything and it holds anything I have tried! You may have seen other types of holders, but the Dropper Stopper truly is different because of the many snaps. If you are in the Dallas area, Sam Moon is even carrying them now! If not, you can find a retailer HERE. Happy shopping :o)

The Dropper Stopper comes in trendy fabrics that are mashine washable. I think it is a great gift for the 'Boy Mom' to be!

Next up is the PadaLily!

Have you ever seen this?? I think it is BRILLIANT! As a mom that stands all of 4' 11", I had a hard time lugging The Buddy in his carseat. It killed to carry the seat handle over my forearm! The Padlily fixes all that! It was invented and created by a fellow 'Boy Mom' soon after her third child was born. As her arm became sore from the carseat handle digging into her, the idea struck. She decided to invent a product that cushioned her arm and also looked stylish! I really could have used this product. If anyone out there has ever used one of these, let us know what how it worked for you!!

All Designs are reversible AND washable!

Coco Blue $26.00
I can't wait to gift these to my new mommy friends!
This post is not sponsored and 100% my opinion

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Marissa said...

Ok, those are neat products, I like the dropper stopper! I think my one year old NEEDS that desperately! Happy Wednesday!

Anonymous said...

I really loved my Padalily! It helped my arm tremendously. I was constantly getting compliments from it too. Sometimes they noticed it more than my baby! I see lots of other mommies around town who have one. It seems to be really taking off. I love it when a mom succeeds with an idea like that!


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