Teacher Thank You Gifts

Did your buddy have the best teacher this year?? Do you wish he could have a teacher like her every year!? If so, then make sure you tell her how much she meant to your buddy by giving her a thank you gift on the last day of school. I realize for some of you this may be a little late and I apologize for that. Just file it away for next year!

Water Bottle Tag

This is a simple idea that any teacher would appreciate. You can find the tutorial HERE.

Gift of Relaxation

A simple beach towel, magazine, and sunscreen
Idea found HERE. She even created a version for her son's bus driver with a sports illustrated and sweat proof sunscreen. This one is too easy not to do. 


There are TONS of ways to decorate a clipboard and I bet your teacher doesn't have a cute one like this! You can find the tutorial HERE.

Summer Friends
 HERE is an easy tutorial on a brilliant idea! A great way for your buddy to keep in touch with his friends over the summer. It was made with a simple school clipart and printed wallet size so many print to a page. Have your little guy hand them out on the last day of school!

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