Time to Party Tuesday: Come Join the Swarm

Although I am new to the world of hosting kids birthday parties; I do have an obsession with party planning. Like I mentioned before it makes my heart swell!

With that said, This party was thrown for The Buddy's first birthday. It took forever to decide on the theme and we finally landed on Bugs. It was alot of fun! Even though I now know many party planning tips (like take more pics of all the hard work!), I still think that we did a bang up job for our little buddy. We had a really great day and will remember it forever. Here are the details:

Invitations ordered from The Party Starts Here where you can personalize the wording and they print them!

The set up! My mother made the Baby Einstein table complete with feet in order to seat 15 or so kids. The favors (bug catchers full of goodies) are lined up against the tall grass and the wood cut out was a big hit! We found a grass tablecloth in the sports section of the party store as a table cloth. It made a perfect drop cloth under the table.

{Cutie with her antenna and bug catcher favor}
Party stickers were on each favor and handed out when guests signed the guest book (the inside cover of a book to keep) and received their bug antennas.

The Cake...wish someone would have mentioned that black icing was a bad idea! The adults enjoyed dirt cake (where the cake looks like a potted plant, but is actually a really yummy pudding dessert)

We were blessed that most guests were able to attend and decided it would be too much for our little house, so we moved it to our church at the last minute. It was perfect becasue it had an indoor playground (a great find in August!). So always be on the look out for party place possibilities.

Even though The Buddy won't be two until August I am already knee deep in party planning. Just in case you were wondering...The theme is going to be Chutes and Ladders! What do you think??

Celebration Park, Allen TX
complete with spray park and huge playground

Did you host or attend a great boy party?? If you would like it to be featured on Time to Party Tuesday, please contact me at pedicurestopuddles@yahoo.com.
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