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I grew up with a very crafty mom, but unfortunately none of it trickled down to me. :o( My Mother is A-Amazingly creative and  never ceases to completely impress me with her ideas and projects. I am so intrigued by people that can create things. My cousins good friend, (and fellow boy mom) Rosemary, is one of these people. I have personally seen her creations and am impressed with how detailed she is.

Her Name Frame is a hot item that would be a cool addition to your Buddy's room or gift for a fellow boy mom! The best part of the process with Rosemary is that you can choose any color scheme or theme to completely customize your order. We are already working on one for The Buddy.

Check out the one she created for her son:

Isn't that a perfect gift idea?!

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Anonymous said...

These are the PERFECT gift!!! I love personalized items and this one is totally you pick! I'm getting one made for a special someone for his b-day! I will give these every party I'm aware know, they don't even have to be a person's name, how would a big initial look? with a toile background? Just a thought.



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