**Note : Time to Party Tuesday will be moved to Thursday this week :o)

Although The Buddy is only promoting to the 2 year old room at school, a shiny new back pack is still in order! New school supplies make me giddy! There is nothing like a brand new pad of paper and a really good inky pen!! Back to packs though...I have my eyes on a  few cool ones. Check em out!

** This preschool designed bag opens across the top rather than on the side for easier opening.

 ** You can choose back pack color and every little detail about your little one!

** Comes with removable insulated lunch bag

** boasts reflective tape accents and made of PVC

AND for more fun, HERE is an awesome FREE printable to add to your cool new back pack!

Happy Shopping and if you're in Texas, TAX FREE weekend is August 20-22 :o)

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Marissa said...

Yay for tax-free weekend :) I ordered my son's backpack last year from PotteryBarnKids and it was PERFECT! Great size, and came with the matching lunchkit! Your suggestions are great too!!

swankychicfete said...

im bummed out that my little boy's school provide uniform tote bags for students BUT i will still personalize them with monograms and stylish bag tags!


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