Hold The Crust

Remember when you had to have the crust cut off your sandwiches?? I do, and don't blame The Buddy for not wanting it on his sandwiches. Now if I could just get him to eat whatever I put in front of him. (sigh) I know this is a daunting task at most homes, but maybe The Lunch Punch will bring us a step closer. The idea behind lunch punch is a way to get the crust off your bread while keeping as much of the rest of the bread as possible. I like it! They even made it taller than a regular cookie cutter to accommodate for 2 pieces of bread. I dare your Buddy to not eat his food now!

Note: These would also make a great party appetizer at your Buddy's next birthday party!

Match & Munch Puzzle Cutter comes in a set of 4 different puzzle possibilities!

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1 comment:

Rosie said...

OMG, these are awesome!! I definitely need to try these out to see if Isaiah will try a PB&J if I cut them into these shapes. If not, I bet his cousins would love it!! Rosemary :)


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