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I stumbled upon this perfect brand when shopping at my new favorite gift store in Lake Highlands called The Store. I love the mentality of a club of mom's that know what it is like to raise little maniacs in hopes that they will one day become the upstanding Men that their fathers have become. Even if we know their fathers are just big maniacs. Hehe...

As described by the Chief Executive Boymom, Amy:
"I didn't really understand the opposite sex until I had boys of my own.There isn't another clothing brand, that I could find at least, which attempts to capture the interesting journey of mothers who love their boys for exactly who they are...I'm a boymom."

Now if I could just decide which one to get first. I love the cut of the shirts and think it would be a perfect gift for the expecting boymom. So should we start a secret handshake for our club now?

This post is not sponsored and is 100% my opinion.

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Melissa said...

Well this is too cute! I am like you and can never seem to find the cute boys stuff! I found one place in Canton last month that sold BOY stuff and only BOY stuff but I cannot remember the name!!! GRRRRR. It was Very Refreshing to see at least one place out there directed at boys! I love the Blog and I am following!


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