"It's a bird! It's a plane!..."

No! It's Mrs. Nelson's Super Learners!
I have been spending the last week or so working in my classroom and looking foward to meeting my new firsties! I decided on a Superhero theme and have run wild with it. (at least my husband thinks so) I really like the idea of encouraging them to see that our good manners and kind words are our super powers.


Here is my attempt at making my board 3D. I added a wire with a bird and a paper airplane. Designs were created by Paper and Pigtails.
The soon to be student led word wall

This area will eventually be our comfy classroom library where they can cozy up and read a book.

The calendar/math wall 

My favorite wall! This is our word chunk wall. The Super Vowels as I call them are superheroes with a vowel on their chest. We will add our word chunks under the vowel they begin with. This wall was a big help last year when they were writing. Here is last year's Word chunk wall:

Being a "boy mom" makes me wonder if the superhero theme is too boyish for my girly first graders. I plan to add a superhero girl to the library wall, but will that do the trick? What do you think? I tried hard to use the likeness of kids and cartoon superheroes rather than commercial superheroes (batman, superman, etc)

My gut tells me it is fine, but I am trying to look at it from a parent's standpoint. I would love your thoughts.  

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Marissa said...

awe, I love the theme! I'd be happy to have you as my son's teacher...SO CREATIVE! Good luck with your school year!

Anonymous said...

I teach First Grade too and I think your boards are great, but I do think you have to channel some more "girl- vibe" so as to include everyone in your classroom!

Anonymous said...

I'm also doing a similar theme this year in my classroom! Thank you for sharing your ideas - your room looks fantastic. I am wondering where or how you created your cityscape silhouette for your Word Chunks board?

Tiffany Nelson said...

I was able to find a corrugated 18"roll of skyline online. Here is the link: http://www.stumpsparty.com/party/City-Skyline-Border.cfm?source=igodigital
Hope this helps!
Tiffany Nelson

Anonymous said...

LOVE the theme; your classroom looks AMAZING!

New follower; hope you swing by my blog sometime at http://herlittlemister.blogspot.com/


Kori Clark said...

I know I saw this and I can't believe I didn't comment! It turned out so super cute! I bet your kids are having a blast with such a creative teacher!

Anonymous said...

Hi Tiffany! We loved your superhero themed boards and featured you at our blog, Bulletin Board Ideas!

You can find the full feature here:

We were sure to give idea/photo credit, as well as a link to your blog, but we'd love for you to take a look at it!

Have a wonderful summer!

Anonymous said...

I'm finishing my Super Learner classroom tomorrow or Thursday. Can't wait for the big reveal. These are great ideas as well.

Triebenbachs said...

My daughter would LOVE to be in your room, she is totally in love with dinosaurs and super heros. I think it's fine and your girls will love it too, especially if you have a couple of girl heroes in with the boys.

Jennifer said...

Hi, I love your boards! I loved the superheroes on the word chunk board. Do you have a copy?


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